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Our Story

We have chosen the American HoneyBadger as the spirit and logo of our brand.  


   HoneyBadgers are small in stature and appear "cute and cuddley" from afar, but if you mess with a HoneyBadger or their young they can quickly become the fiercest adversary you've ever faced.  As the saying goes, "HoneyBadgers dont give a $#%t!"

   With American HoneyBadger, we have recreated that spirit in our logo.  Our logo gives the illusion of cute and nonintrusive so it can be worn in any situation.  Hidden in the logo are elements of tenacity and ferocity.  These are the traits we desire in anyone who represents the American HoneyBadger clothing line.

   American HoneyBadger represents the polar opposite of the #MeToo movement.  While virtually every woman has experienced some form of harassment in their lives, this company wants to lead the way in saying #NotMe and #NotAnymore.


   We want our logo on the chest of every woman that has made the decision to refuse to be a victim. We want it on women who see begging for equality as aiming low and something that we as a group have surpassed.  We want it on leaders of our communities and on protectors of all Americans, most importantly protectors of our very own loved ones. We want it on women who other women are inspired by.  We want it on the women our daughters look up too.  We want it on women like YOU!

Women's Self Defense

~ HoneyBadger Instructors~

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Brickell  Clark

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Fighting HoneyBadger 
Pistol 1 & 2

Fighting Pistol                               Tactical Response        3x

Advanced Fighting Pistol             Tactical Response

The Fight (Force-on-Force)          Tactical Response

Way of the Pistol                          Tactical Response

Immediate Action Medical          Tactical Response.      2x

Fighting Rifle                                  Tactical Response

Fast and Accurate Pistol               Tactical Response

Tactical Shotgun                            Tactical Response

Vehicle Dynamics                          Tremis Dynamics 

Red Dawn Response                     Tactical Insider

2-Day Combative Pistol

& Carbine                                        Battleline Tactical

1-Day Basic Pistol                          Battleline Tactical

2-Day Active Shooter                    Battleline Tactical

Tactical Firearms Instructor         Tactical Response

CQB & Home Defense                 Tactical Rifleman

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu                           Bone Island Jiu Jitsu

Low Light Building Clearing         Tactical Response

Combat Pistol 101                          Tactical Rifleman

Handgun Mastery 1                       Tactical Performance Center

NRA Pistol Instructor Cert.      

Brian  Griffin

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Emergency Action Street Medic

Brian has been a resident of Tennessee for most of his life. With more than 17 years of experience in the medical field and 10 years in the world of firearms, he practically lives and breathes the realities of safe self-defense applications. As a flight paramedic for the past 13 years, Brian has taught advanced critical care medicine to rural and urban communities while also providing care to those in need.

Just a few certifications Brian holds:


  • American Heart Association Instructor in

    • Basic Life Support (CPR)​

    • Advanced Cardiac Life Support

    • Pediatric Advanced Life Support

  • Red Cross Instructor in

    • Basic Life Support​

    • Advanced Life Support

    • Pediatric Advanced Life Support

    • Emergency Medical Response

    • Wilderness and Remote First Aid

  • National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians Instructor in

    • Pre- Hospital Trauma Life Support​

    • First On the Scene

  • ​Emergency Medical Services Instructor for Tennessee

  • Stop The Bleed Instructor

Rossen Hristov

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Handgun Mastery
Speed & Accuracy

After 7 years in U.S. Diplomatic Security Service, Rossen continued his career as a lead instructor, providing firearms marksmanship development and tactical training in several key international projects in the Middle East.

He designed a methodology and was part of a project for training and development of specialized counter-terrorism unit in the region. He worked together with experts from all over the world including top Israeli instructors, former Royal Dutch Marines, British SAS instructors, specialists from South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Rossen also trained contractors from Nepal for period of one year. He is a USPSA Grandmaster in the world of practical shooting sports and part of the CZ-USA shooting team.

~ HoneyBadger Alumni ~

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