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~ THE TEST ~ Is our MindSet & Tactics course which tests students ability to make proper mental & tactical decisions regarding the most common self-defense situations that occur in America.

We recreate the most common self defense scenarios in American utilizing live role players inside a indoor city with paint marking rounds safely fired from training pistols for the most realistic and adrenaline charged training experience to be had!


This is where the rubber meets the road! This course tests the students mental ability to put themselves in better situations and it trains students how to best react or avoid bad encounters. In the unfortunate event that you are caught up in a situation where you have to use a firearm, even if you survive, does it REALLY matter if you don't get to go home to your family at the end of the day? The things you say and do can change your future and the outcome in an instant!


If you are going to make mistakes, make them here! Fix any misconceptions you have here so that you don't suffer unforseen consequences in the real world later!


This is not a PG-13 class! The real world isn't PG-13 and neither are the scenarios we will be training in. You've been forwarned!


Equipment List:


Clothing to protect all exposed skin. This clothing will very possibly be stained so please wear items that are expendable. DO NOT WEAR EXTRA LAYERS OR BODY ARMOR. Making mistakes is SUPPOSED to hurt. That's how we keep student reactions and responses honest! Pain is a very good teacher. It's not unbearable but you need to know when and where mistakes are made. If you don't want to learn this is not the class for you. #BADGERUP

Not mandatory but can help~

IFAK Medical Kit if you have or carry one ~

Gloves (Mechanix recommended) -

Paintball mask -

Neck protection - Scarfs or neck covering

Cup (groin protection) -

Pen and paper -

HoneyBadger Mindset Training ~ LIVE Scenario Training

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