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   THIS COURSE is developed to quickly advance an entry level shooter to an intermediate to advanced level defender with a hand gun. This class focuses on good body position, situational awareness proper deployment of your weapon from concealed and/or open carry, proper trigger control, multiple target acquisitions, tactical and emergency reloads, fixing the 3 malfunctions under duress so when your firearm stops working, you know what to do, Single-hand and off hand shooting, biological and skeletal placement of shots and their effects, addressing threats from different directions, and shooting from retention.

We close the class by having the students test multiple types of self-defense firearms of different sizes, brands, and calibers. This allows people who are new to firearms better understand how each attribute plays a role in firearms selection. It also ensures that when they make a decision on a self-defense firearm, they do not make a costly mistake by choosing the wrong tool!



(Limited amount of rentals available) Book ASAP!!!!

We may also have some loner gear you can borrow as well! Just Ask!!


Equipment List:

A Pistol

400+ rounds of quality ammo

Solid Kydex Holster   Discount Code: AGC15

Eye Protection -

Ear Protection -

Sturdy belt, or snug jeans w/paddle holster, (Some way to keep your holster solidly in one place when you pull your pistol out) Ask us if you have any questions.

Minimum of four magazines -

Magazine pouch or be wearing pants with pockets

Raingear (We shoot rain or shine) -

Hat -

Knee Pads (Optional) -

Drinking water

Lunch & Snacks!! (Sometimes if class runs slow we may not be able to break for lunch)

Bug Spray & Sunblock (optional) -

Pen and paper -

Firearms cleaning and lubrication equipment - (optional)

PLEASE NOTE - MOBILE CLASSES - Some ranges, ask students to pick up brass. Bring a container about the size of the container you brought your ammo in or a bucket of some sort. Paper or plastic bags will not work. Also do not collect brass in your hat because you will contaminate it with lead. This is also where your knee pads will help.




We have a limited amount of rental options available. If you wish to add equipment rental there is an option above. We will provide both hearing and eye protection, a firearm, multiple magazines and a Maglula reloader

Ammo may also be purchased through us upon availability

2-Day Defensive Pistol 1 Class

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