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You are far more likely to save a life with medical aid than defend or save a life  with a firearm!   Well rounded warriors do both!


A well rounded warrior knows how to aid and help ones self and others when injured in dire circumstances. It is far more likely that one will be in a situation to need medical training to save a life than you ever will be in a situation to need a firearm to protect one.

This course is a high paced emergency action medical class designed to give student the abilities to assess and properly perform immediate medical attention needed to save lives in immediate dire circumstances. This is an active "get your hands dirty" and high intensity level class designed to ensure our students can perform life saving procedures in high stress situations.


This is NOT your average medical class! Be ready to move!! Be ready to get dirty!

This class includes training on how to prevent injuries, moral obligations to render aide, legal issues like the Good Samaritan laws, biohazard precautions, the physical and mental effects of adrenaline, communication, scene safety, anatomical stopping power, patient movement, assessments, proper ways to stop the top 3 gunfighting injuries (blocked airway, critical blood loss and Tension Pneumothorax) as well as the Mindset, Tactics, Skill and Gear you need to keep someone alive until medical assistance arrives.


Students will participate in and watch other students in multiple practical scenarios where they will be guided and tested on how to provide care under stress.


--------------------------- WARNING ~~~~~~~~~~~~

NOTE: Although it is never intentional some people are prone mild bruising from proper and effective tourniquet use during the class. It is normal when TQs are properly installed in real life and it is what happen when you train with them correctly.


Equipment List:

Pen and paper

A pair of pants and a T Shirt to cut up or otherwise destroy

2-Day "Emergency Action Street Medic" Course

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